Week 3 Master Keys

Quite the week, however taxing and triumphant it was. Oh wellness wheel, how my attempts to balance you through God’s grace and sense of humour teach my true strength in true moments of weakness. Paradox.

Life is blessing me with just enough that I do not break, then return to task with a new strength and vigor I have never known demanding patience and persistence for an beautiful and fulfilling existence. It was a little hard to start seeing the red circles at first and then they started to show up everywhere. removing the will from OG was very interesting as well as I found myself rewording some of it to fit what is and not what will be. DMP is becoming a real test of some of my frozen feelings and emotional sobriety as I try to attach feeling with out frustration speaking of something I have not experienced and only imagine how I will feel when these goals come to fruition through suggestion to subby. Still in and still loving the growth.


Week 2 in the MasterKeys

Well this week was a bare minimum kind of week, still very enthuuuuusiastic about what is to come and recognize the work needing to be done. I wake up every morning and commit to my best wherever that is to be applied I  leave up to God. Personal Growth has been a very large part of my life for the past decade and have made leaps and bounds in the discovery of my true self and I feel as if this is the missing piece of the puzzle I found in the couch cushions while looking for cash in it. I am a perfect example of self will run riot before I decided to grow as a person. Path  less traveled has always been my true north and the level of difficulty accepted as a character building exercise as a type of bonus. The anlage that stuck out for me was the flower and the bulb. Looking forward to the following week and using a more disciplined approach. More will be revealed as I journey this path, no sooner than I can recognize the turns of the path will its purpose be realized I am sure.

First blog post

I have started this blog because it is a requirement for my MasterKey Experience. I know I want to grow in a direction that will ensure further success in any endeavour of my choosing and the subconscious mind controls ultimately what we do. My hunger for knowledge and direction doesn’t always workout the way I had planned, With clear and positive motive I intend to place in my subconscious the suggestions that are here whatever they may be….Week One Gitrdun! Nathan Dahl is Happy.